How R&B and Rap Music Changed America

How R&B and Rap Music Changed America

How Rap and R&B Changed America

Beautiful Music

One of the things that make us very unique and special is our ability to

create beautiful music, and how we comprehend its beauty. Music is the

universal language which anyone can understand without decoding its language.

Here in America, music has been (and still is) shaping our society and

affecting our identity. In addition, our music has a great influence on other

societies that are far away from us. Ethnic diversity in our country has given

us a vast amount of different kinds of music. People come to America from

everywhere in the world bringing with them their culture, and creating their

own kind of art.

R&B Music

R&B Music Picture

African Americans have  had a great influence on American music. R&B Music

was introduced in the 1940’s after World War II. R&B originated in the

40’s and flourished in the early 60’s. R&B Music started gaining attention

during the time when other music back then was declining. R&B changed the

conventional view of big band music and the R&B performers started

performing in small groups. R&B Music emphasized blues style and structure

in a song.

R&B uses instruments that are similar to the instruments used by

conventional bands. The saxophone and piano are two staples of R&B Music.

The introduction of the electric guitar gave R&B its unique look. The

electric guitar made R&B very attractive, and it gained power in America

in a very short time. By the 1960’s, R&B had become very popular. The

African-American community loved it, but all the different cultures that were

present back then did as well. It has been said that the Blues Music and Jazz

Music had an important role in the development of R&B. Truth be told

R&B has had its own role in the development of several music cultures

including Rock ‘n Roll.

Despite the great success it had in its early days, R&B has changed in

recent years. In the past, R&B was all about writing a good song. Artists

used to concentrate writing beautiful lyrics that had meaning, and was not

just about the beat. Modern R&B Music is different from that, it has

become less meaningful and more about the instrumentals.

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Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop is a music genre that was created in the 1970’s by inner city

African Americans. D.J.’s would take vinyl records and spin them on two turn

tables and mix the records together. M.C.’s/Rappers would grab a mic and

commence to spitting rhymes to the beat. In the early days of Hip Hop Music

there was also break dancing and beat boxing going on.

Not Just Music

Hip Hop is not just music though. Hip Hop is a culture that includes block parties,

clothing styles, political views, and music. Early Hip Hop Music was just

M.C.’s rhyming over the two turn tables and a microphone. As Rap Music

evolved, producers started using drum machines for the rhythm and sample

records for the melody. M.C.’s started calling themselves rappers and started

using their rhymes for political influence and cultural influence.

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Rap Music

Hip Hop Music is now being called Rap. Rappers today write about different

subjects than what former M.C.’s wrote about. Rap Music today glorifies drugs,

money,cars, and the degrading and using of women. Written songs today

sound nothing like the songs of old. Rappers today make millions of dollars

off of the music they make and perform. When Hip Hop first started it was done

for fun and used for influence. The influence of today’s Rap Music is still

there, but it is used in a negative way. More money is being made in today’s

Rap Music, but content and lyrics are on the decline.


The influence of R&B and Hip Hop Music on society is seen all over the

world. When these two styles of music were first introduced they were game

changers. For better or for worse no one can deny the effects of these genres

on music and culture. In the beginning of these styles trends were being

established that are still going. Although these genres are still around they

are in a much different form than what they started. Rap Music and R&B

Music are here to stay. I wonder which direction these genres will head in the

future, only time will tell.

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